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The Distinguished and Radiant Ava May Durrell

The second clue was found where Judith Peters, Alison’s older sister had hoped, and grabbing the clue, the team of three ran from the spot not wanting to give the other three teams an advantage. They were the first to the spot and desperately wanted to keep the first place. Unrolling the clue, Judith skimmed the words before reading it out loud. “It states, I am buried in a place where I am at my peak. In two weeks I will be past my best. Come in close. I am at best for one season but my name suggests otherwise.” Frowning, Judith looked between her two partners. “What can it be?”


The first clue, Miranda’s uncle had guessed correctly, but now it was Ava’s time to shine. “It refers to roses. There is a rose garden at Penworth and the second part of the clue suggests it is a specific rose.”


“I believe you are correct, Mrs Durrell,” replied her male companion, “so let us head there immediately.”

Quatre Saisons Rose
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