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Edge of her Heart

Aware she had to answer him or else there was the danger he would remain put, Isabelle turned to him. “I accept your apology, Mr Gabriel. Please have respect for others.”

“I do,” and with his words, he winked. “I am just relieved you forgive me.”

“Yes, but only under duration. I want to get back to watching She Stoops to Conquer.”

“Let us hope the play is a metaphor for me and my perseverance in regards to you.”

Mortified that he had continued to talk to her, Isabelle blurted, “Go. Just go! I am trying to watch the play.”

Her words caused him softly to chuckle; frankly, Isabelle’s direct words only made him like her more. “I will leave you in peace,” murmured Gabriel straightening, but not before he briefly closed his eyes and inhaled. Her scent was divine. Seconds only before he leant over her. There was something he must ask. “Miss Isabelle, your scent is delightful. What is the sweet smell? I must know.”

Perplexed by his question, Isabelle didn’t know what to think. The question was so personal, but wanting to give an answer she replied, “Honeysuckle. The scent is my perfume.”


Isabelle nodded. “Yes.”

“Thank you. It is beautiful.” Then he straightened, determined not to interrupt again. Maybe not interrupt her but he was happy occasionally to glance down and study Isabelle as she watched the performance.

She Stoops to Conquer
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