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Immoral Society Book Four

“Finally, we have our last sin Wrath.” Knowing who the next woman on stage would be the crowd became restless, the majority of the audience desperate to see what Anne would do. Through the curtain, Anne stepped onto the stage, and there was a moment's silence as everyone took in what she wore. Suddenly the cheering erupted, piercing even; Anne made the impact she wanted. Standing on stage, a black silk mask covered her eyes, and her hair tied in a high ponytail, her jet black hair swished down her back. Around her neck was a leather dog collar. Her breasts squeezed into an elaborate corset, the bottom of her gown was fastened in the fashion of the 1770’s, the gown black and the material to the back of the gown stiff. The front of her gown cut away with only the frame in place, and with her legs exposed, it was clear for everyone to see her long black leather boots, boots that ran seductively up to her thighs. In her hand was a long whip, the cheers were now thunderous.

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