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Immoral Society Book One

A knock on the door quickly stopped the sister’s conversation, and a maid entered the room holding a large bouquet of seasonal English flowers.


“Oh, who are they for?” Josephine hoped they were for her. Equally, this hope was shared by Anne and Jane.


“The flowers are for Miss Anne.”


Accepting the flowers, Anne squealed in delight, “Oh thank you, they are beautiful.” Smelling the delicate buds, Anne took out the card placed within the flowers and gladly she read the words, private words just for her.


“Who are they from?” Jane asked, disappointed they were not for her.


“A secret admirer and he has given no name.” Again, Anne smelled the flowers, “and this evening I am going to wear one of the flowers in my hair. It will be a sign, a sign only for him. He will know I am thinking of him.”


“A secret admirer he may be.” replied Jane, “but from the smile on your face, I believe you have an inkling on which gentleman he may be.”


“Maybe I do.”

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