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Let Them Eat Deliousness

“Where is home?” Kayla’s companion asked. 

“Poundbury,” declared Kayla.

“Where is Poundbury?”

“It is in Dorset, a few miles down the road.”

“Is it a large estate?”

“No, it is a town. Surely, you have heard of it?” Kayla asked.

“I confess I haven’t, and I believed I knew Dorset well.”

“It is on the edge of Dorchester,” confirmed Kayla.

“I know of Dorchester, and I have visited the town on many occasion. Poundbury?”

“Yes, it is a new town.”

“A new town? Well, I must visit!”

Brightly, Kayla smiled. Surprised that her companion didn’t know of Poundbury, but she was happy to fill in the details. “The town began life in 1993.”

“1993? Do you not mean 1693, Miss Hunter? I suppose you do because you have had a bump to your head.”

“No, 1993.”

“1993?” Scrunching her nose, the young woman leant forward. “Surely not?”

“Why wouldn’t it be 1993?” Kayla asked quickly. Her companion had gone from someone who hadn’t heard of Kayla’s home town to someone who believed themselves to be a supposed expert! For certainty, Kayla knew the first brick was laid in 1993.

“That date is in the future.”

Leon Krier sketch of Poundbury
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