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Mischief and Mayhem

Gladly, Lilith took his hand as the quicker she crossed the really small boarding plank, the quicker she would be by Lewis’ side, watching as Caroline tried to tiptoe across—Lilith certain this would be a spectacle! With Lilith safely despatched into Lewis’ guiding hand, Lucas turned to the woman he wanted to devote his time to this afternoon. “Miss Pennington, it is your turn to cross.”

“I fear my gown may be too wide.” It was this same thought that had entered Lilith’s mind, a situation she knew would alarm Caroline. “The material might drop into the water and thus I might be dragged into the depths of its chill.” Turning to Lucas, she added lightly, “a little dramatic I am sure.”

Smiling, Lucas bit his lip. “Certainly dramatic, Miss Pennington, but I am happy to allow some drama to the afternoon. Please let me assure you that if you were to fall in and your gown was to weigh you down, I would jump in and rescue you. Although let us hope you don’t fall in.”

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