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Not Bossing 21 ... Again

Rigid, Lizzy gasped. Entirely, she understood Kami’s words. The deco was amazing! Candles, hundreds of candles—literally, hundreds, and not a dozen or so—flickered. Dazzling Lizzy’s vision, it was a spectacle. Too, the smell of burning wax hit her. The scent was potent. Though. Though with these much candles surely it is a fire hazard? A thought Lizzy dismissed as quickly as it came to her because Louisa wouldn’t set anything up if it were deemed to be a fire hazard. Louisa, like Kami, was all about the details. The details for everything and that included abiding by the fire and safety regulations. Louisa was a ‘cross the T and dot the I’ kind of girl.

Candles burning bright
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