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The Mysterious Madeleine Asher

Arriving late to Marylebone Gardens, Mrs Winter was mortified. Tonight the party composed of four people: Mrs Winter, Madeleine and Mrs Winter’s close friend Mrs Thompson and Mrs Thompson’s husband. Their carriage was delayed due to an incident on Tiburn Road, and now as they hurried into the concert room they hoped for the availability of seats. They required only two because scurrying through the entrance Madeleine and Mr Thompson declared they were happy to stand. Not ideal but Mrs Winter and her friend were the priority.

Stepping into the room that was holding the concert, frantically Madeleine searched the crowd for two seats. Preferably two seats together but if not, two lone seats would have to do, but alas there appeared to be nothing. Stepping along the rows, each seat was taken, and so much so Madeleine didn’t even bother looking towards the front. Turning back she spotted Mr Thompson, “Sir, there aren’t any vacant seats.”

“I suspected that might be the case. Neither your aunt nor my wife will be able to stand throughout the duration of the concert. It might do to suggest that we take refreshment instead;  Marylebone serves the most tremendous cakes.”

Marylebone Garden 1761.jpg
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