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Stepping through the full arch into the second room, her gaze drew to a table occupied by three men, and in front of them sat a circular object, an object which was spun quickly by a man who stood at the table. Intrigued, Verity wanted to see more of this strange game, a game she had never seen before. Turning the wheel, the man dropped a small ball and as expected the ball spun around the wheel. What will happen next? A small step was taken towards the table; Verity was fascinated and wanted to see more. Slowly the wheel stopped, and the ball bounced several times amongst the many slots, finally stopping in a slot which stated ‘E’.  Observing one of the men lean forward, it was evident to her, that he was successful and had bet on the ‘E’ - though it is all rather confusing; Verity was flummoxed by the many ‘E’s’ and ‘O’s’ written on the wheel.

“Please join us.” Quickly Verity turned her attention to one of the men who was now standing. Caught off guard, her breath catches. The man in question was extremely attractive and even in the low light, Verity saw the colour of his eyes clearly – the most dazzling blue. “Please join us.” His hand held out, he signalled to an empty chair, a chair which happened to be next to him.

The Delightful and Resilient Verity Chilton

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